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The Judicial Center for the Childהמרכז המשפטי לילדים ולנוער

איורים אלו הם חלק קטן מתוך כ- 70 איורים המופיעים בספר '‘חוקי המשחק – זכותי לדעת את חובתי’' שיצא בהוצאת ש. זק. ספר המלמד את חוקי מדינת ישראל לבני הנוער.

These illustrations I made for a book published by the Israely Bar and the Judicial Center for the Child.
The book is called "Game rules" . A codex of laws, from the Israely Law book, that were "translated" for children. So children can know the "rules of the game", of life here. the Book was edited by Roni Aloni, the head of the Judicial Center for the Child.
There are over 70 illustrations in the book, including the cover, I made. here are given only some samples.

illustrations for a book