דניאל בר פוירשטיין Daniel Bar Feuerstein


דניאל פוירשטיין, 1968 ירושלים.
עוסק באיור, וציור, גישור, עבודה אנרגטית - רייקי, תטא הילינג ועבודה בטבע.
טכניקות בשימוש - אקריליק, עיפרון ודיו, אקוורל.
תערוכות שהשתתפתי - ראו רשימה למטה באנגלית - רשימה חלקית

מאייר ספרים כרזות כרטיסי ברכה כריכות
כלים חינוכיים ועוד.

להתראות באהבה.

Daniel Feuerstein, born in Jerusalem 1968.

Artist. Illustrator and a painter. works also as a mediator, and practictioner in Reiky, Theta Healing and working with Nature.
loves children, children books, Nature, Fantasy and Majic.

Using - Acrylic, Water colour, pencil,ink, eyes and soul.

Exhibitions & publications (limited list) :

February 2007 - "Travelings, part one". Personal paintings from internal and external travelings. In the world, and the internal worlds. held in "Nokturno" Gallery Caffe, Jerusalem.

July 2007 - A book, "The Rules of the Game", published by S. Zack Publishers.

October 2007 - Participated in a group exhibition, in Beit Ata-Lya, Tel Aviv, as a member of "Artists for the Environment".

January 2008 - illustration to a book 'When the Shark met the Fish' - written by Gilaad Shalit, Illustrated by group illustrators of the Israeli Assosiacion of Illustrators.

February 2008 - Participated in a Group exhibition at MonArt Ashdod Museum of Arts. Illustration for a book written by Gilaad Shalit (Israeli soldier being kidnapped by the Hammas terrorists, and still held there with no rights at all ).

March 2008 - Participated in a Group exhibition at the Isareli Opera House in Tel Aviv. Two illustrations - paintings for the Puccini's "Turandot".

November 2008 - Participated in a group exhibition at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo exhibition places. Biblical Animals.

May 2009 - Participated in a group exhibition at Raanana Cultre Center - Beit Yad Labanim - IDF in Illustrations.

May 2009 - Particiated in a group exhibition at Ashdod Art Museum .

June 2009 - Participated in a group exhibition at "The Edge" Gallery in Nahariya. The exhibition name was "A3" - Posters after the subject of Gilaad Shalit being held three years in hostage by the Hammas at Gaza strip.